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Seat Belt Handle Answered

My grandpa has a hard time reaching over his shoulder to get the seat belt. I was just wondering if there is some sort of strap to make it easier to get your seat belt on WITHOUT damaging the car.


Kind of a late post but I just remember I posted this. I've got a idea but it interferes with driving... and of course thats always a bad idea.

I don't mean for this to sound condescending or anything, but I too have difficulties reaching the seat belt (since I drive most of the time) with my right hand (shoulder problems and all), so I tend to lean to the right and grab it with my left hand. (I am in the USA, so I drive on the left side of the car; for those in some other countries, the opposite is true, but then, the same principle applies). With Caitlensdad's idea, it would be even easier (and more comfy once on). On those occassions I must ride, I have the same problem reaching over with my left arm to the right side.....again, I lean over a little and grasp the belt with my right arm and just pull it out most of the way (so it doesn't stop and bind).

I would suggest getting one of those child seat belt pads that attach with velcro around the strap. It gives something bigger to grab on to unlike the slippery thin belt. I would not add anything that might interfere with it's intended operation like a dangling strap that could catch or something that covers the buckle mechanism. You can make a cloth pad from 2 or three layers of a dish towel or something. The terry cloth texture would keep it from slipping on the strap. It might also make it more comfortable to use to keep the belt from chafing them. Good luck.