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Secret Resource: Waterproofing! Answered

Everywhere I look, people are throwing out umbrellas. I've started scavenging the skins and (in rainy England) sewing them onto *everything*. It's great. There are tons of umbrellas that break, etc. and are thrown out every day. You can sew them together to make a big tarp, make a cover for your bag/laptop, etc. Wonderful!


That's a great idea, although, here in my countrie, I don't see much umbrellas that are thrown out, but when one of mine Chinese umbrellas brakes, i will definitely use it, recycle it. Thanks

You could sew them together to make a great big umbrella...

You're here already?

oh kiteman, I've *been* here! I'm writing to you from Edinburgh now, having made my way north over the last few weeks.. by the end of the month I'll have moved on to the rest of the continent! So.. if anything's gonna happen, you ought to make some noise!

It's cool - enjoy yourself (I'm up to my eyes at school)

now that everything I own is covered in umbrella skins, I don't need to! Lightweightified!

And don't forget, they make awesome parachutes for G.I. Joe action figures. ;-)

Good idea, I might have to line my bag with some of this to stop my textbooks getting wrecked. Again.

Awesome! I just sewed an umbrella skin into my bag for the same. Post a photo!

Oh! I'm going to make a shower cap!

Make an instructable on the subject!

Unless they make 'em different in jolly ole England, fabric from 'brellies are normally just tightly woven synthetic fabrics that offer water repellency. I think it's surface tension that causes water to roll off when the fabric is stretched across its frame. You would need to coat the fabric or laminate it with a truly waterproof layer to seal the seams and pores of the fabric. Good idea for light rain but you will still get waterlogged in a soaker.

Some are one, some are the other. I believe many have water-repellent treatments as well, like tents.