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Secret playroom behind wardrobe Answered

This wardrobe is actually a secret entrance to a playroom. The owner of the house had the wardrobe and figured he might as well add a touch of magic to the house for a pretty amazing result.

This reminds me of an apartment I once visited in San Franciso. There were two refrigerators in the kitchen. One was normal and the other was a secret door. Walking through it led you to a dark hallway that ended in a small room with a single chair in the middle and a single lightbulb hanging down over it. Creepy as hell.

Cowing Secret Playroom Entrance via Geekologie


I remember finding things and hidden rooms when I was young it was always awesome.

 This reminds me of a book and movie...

The Chronicles of Narnia is the movie/book you all are thinking about!

i appreciate you reminding me of this amazing book which i must read again!

That's just wrong....Not quite as wrong as your friend's refrigerator, but still :-)


7 years ago

That is very cool. I'v e always wanted a hidden passageway, but I've only really considered a sliding bookcase, with a small closet behind it. Even that small project never got done. Alas, time is not on our side as we turn into adults...

How about a wine storage room? It would have to be a little taller, but hey, that's no biggie.

Hmmm, this would be a cool hidden entrance to a secret hydroponics garden.

What an original comment! I am sure that in the past year, not one of the 41 previous postings ever even mentioned that.

As a former fire life safety officer, I would have to say that this would be a good place to hide children from their rescuers in a fire situation. Hide them real good so the bodies wouldn't be found until demolition starts. FAIL. No matter how many people actually know about "secret room" its unlikely that emergency responders would ever find someone in a place like this. Sorry, BAD IDEA.

We could also never let our kids outside due to the danger of cars, or have them interact with other kids due to the risk of life-threatening germs. Hell, why not wrap them in bubble wrap as well and never let them near anything sharper than a wooden spoon.

Or, conversely, you could have just suggested that if people do that then do it with a room that has two doors, so that your fire safety pals could just enter from the other way and save the day. Then honour and imagination are both preserved.

Constructiveness, it's a wonderful talent to have.

What if there was a metal table, a Jacob's ladder, and frankenstien, all complete with a mad scientist?  Now imagine if the neighbors found out.

Frankenstein was the mad scientist not the monster; but I get what you mean that would be insane 

While it was Dr.Frankenstein, they do consider it the Frankenstein Monster. Most people don't even realize that Frankenstein was the mad scientist, I think I was very suprised when I did find out that it was in fact the scientist.

I think the monsters name was "Adam" named after the first man.

The Monster was never given a name, That was Half the point of the book. On a side note that's pretty cool. Walk-in wardrobe, Narnia style.

Actually, Dr. Frankenstein did name the creature Adam, in the book anyway...

Nope. The creature refers to itself as adam. "Remember that I am thy creature;
I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed." Creature, Volume two, Chapter II pp 103. Penguin Classics Edition (1992) [1818].

Fair enough, been a while since I read that one, thanks for the correction :)

No worries. Turns out a degree in English Literature does actually have some uses. No matter how few. ;)

That's right! My bad, I'm not big on monsters. 

IT'S NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 years ago

 The Loin, the Witch, and The Wardrobe.

I could have sworn I saw a picture where someone did this to a kid's bedroom. It had a fake lamp-post and everything in it.

The Chronicles of Narnia...


8 years ago

Just add magical creatures to have your very own Narnia playroom!

Well I guess this is as close to Narnia as we're ever gonna get.

Hmmm,  they could build one at the entrance of Disney,   or if we had a transporter......that would be awsome   LOL 


8 years ago

Or you could just make a secret room, or special entrance to an underground bunker: "Quickly, Bluejay! To the Ratcave!!!!"

they should hang a sign over the door that says welcome to "spare oom"

 I waaaaaaant. 
That's absolutely fantastic. :D

Cool!! It's Narnia! That apartment with the fridge was probably mine. I interrogate Nazi's back there.

It would be even better if there were a bunch of long coats on hangers that had to be crawled through to gain access, just like in the movie. I would have done anything for a playroom like this when I was a kid!

 my friend used to have something like this in the back of her closet. it was a little door that you crawled through into a huge room where one wall was a giant window. the window made it less creepy cuase it let it a lot of light and you didnt feel as trapped.

I think that's an awesome idea. so long as it is used in innocence as a playroom for kids and nothing more. I'd have loved a secret passageway room when I was a kid...Hell, I'd love one as an adult. I've always said that I'd have secret passages in my house when I have it built. you know...to go to the bat cave :P

This really freaks me out... in a bad way.

NARNIA!!! well at least kid's play scale.

yeah lets lock our kids when there bad and only feed them pancakes through the cracks good idea time just got "SAW Trap Style "