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Security Camera For My Dorm Room Answered

I was hoping to find some guidance here about how to make a special surveillance system.  

I would like for a web cam(or some other camera of sorts) to monitor my vehicle out front of my apartment though my dorm room window.  I would like for that cam to run independent of a computer, and dump it's video files onto a usb/sd card.  Is this even possible?  I also need help shopping for which webcam would be most suitible(cost effective) for my purposes.  My car is about 20-30 feet away.  I'll attach a pic.(its the red jeep)

More Specs:
I have an outlet right next beneath the window, so ac power would be great.
I have soldering equipment available to me if necessary, but keep it simple if possible.
I have 100 bucks to spend.



If you have the capability to "brew your own system" without any instructions whatsoever, you can get VERY cheap and serviceable cameras from DEAL EXTREME. I've never been "ripped off" by them, although some people have claimed such. But don't expect super high quality either at their prices :-)

You can get cheap video cameras with SD cards on ebay etc.

Here's one - $32, it uses an SD card to record its video, and it has a time-lapse function, low-light capability and a zoom, so all you need to do is prop it in your window pointing at your car, switch it on and away you go.

(I have no affiliation to the seller.)

Would 2.1 MP be a large enough resolution for what I require?

Also, I was hoping to make something lol.

2.1MP isn't HD, but you'll be able to identify people from it, and the higher the MP, the less footage you'll be able to record to your card.

As for making one yourself, I'd start by looking to see what others have already done.

Yeah I already browsed through those, but didn't really see anything that I liked. I doubled checked through about the first five pages of the link you sent me just in case I missed something, but still nada. I suppose I'll just buy and make my own stand. Thanks for your help. :)