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See quantum weirdness for yourself! Answered

An article in ScienceWorld reports on a proposed experimental setup which would make quantum entanglement visible to the naked eye!

Using stimulated emission (the same effect that causes lasing), a group led by Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva proposes to amplify one photon of an entangled pair to a level that is visible to the naked eye. Observers watching through polarizing filters would then be able to directly see the "spooky action at a distance" of quantum correlations.



9 years ago

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What would we expect to see?

And do we really have to cross our eyes in such an extreme manner?

The two eyes represent two observers. Each one looks through a polarizing filter. If the amplified photon was polarized parallel to the filter, you'll see a flash of light; if it's polarized differently, then you won't.

Quantum entanglement means that the polarization of one photon is correlated (differently than chance) with that of the other photon. Normally you have to use special detectors to count the hits in the different polarization states in order to observe the statistical correlation. Here, a person could sit with a pen and paper, counting directly for themselves, and see the quantum correlations.

Yes, thanks to Kaku, i understand!

Interesting... L