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Seeking an agent for book publishing Answered

Hi there,

Some folks in my life have suggested that I consolidate my project plans in the form of a book. I even had a publisher from Spain approach me, but unfortunately they've failed to follow up on their inquiry.

It seems like a good idea, a new challenge. So I'd like to give it a try. Does anyone know of an agent? I'd be most grateful if a community member could put me in touch with one. I don't have much to offer, but I can give away a 1-year Pro membership and many thanks to anyone who can help me out. Thanks!



. . . Well, this is certainly interesting, but if you publish the book by yourself, how do you handle copying the book and spreading it throughout the community? Oh, and how old do you have to be to publish a book?

If a publisher approached you its not up to them to follow up. If your interested you need to contact them. In this day and age the need for a book agent or publisher is over. Most people are making more money doing publishing there work on there own. As others here have mentioned you can run a kickstarter or similar campaign to get the funds to need to take your book to print. But once again this day and age has changed the way books are sold. More digital copies are sold then paper. So get your book laid out and edited buy friends and family then get it on Amazon books.

I certainly believe that more money can be made if I forgo an agent or publisher, however one thing I sorely lack is connections and marketing skills. Who will spread the word about my book? How will I create a presence in both physical book stores and online stores? I need to work with someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry, and fortunately I've found someone who is well connected and willing to mentor me through craigslist :)

Forget physical book stores. You put your book up on Amazon books and spread the word yourself.

Don't trust anyone offering there services through craigslist.


6 years ago

You don't need an agent, or a publisher. You can publish it yourself. I use Lulu, and sell my book, Think Pro/ENGINEER on Amazon.com

Have you checked out Smashwords site? It is a site for independent authors. The creators story is in the 6-25-12 Forbes magazine. Very interesting article. He is an author and so is his wife. He voiced his frustrations with trying to get published by current publishers. He felt they were more into the "sale ability" of a writing rather than publishing a potential classic novel or discipline manual. To paraphrase, Kim Kardasian could sell a book on painting toe nails to a publisher before a heart surgeon with observations on a new technique could. I think he will really change the world of authors and his business plan is really starting to gain traction.

Lance, check out Seth Godin, he just did a Kickstarter book launch project. titled "Icarus Deception". The content of the book isn't important to your question, its the approach to publishing it. You should also check into "The Domino Project".

My 2 cents!