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Seeking feedback on a unique vacuum accessory that can hold a mini flashlight! Answered

Hi there!

I believe this is the best place for me to ask this question. I just wanted to get your feedback or opinion on this cleaning accessory we are currently developing, the “Flashlight-Holder Vacuum Cleaner Attachment”. This product is a first-of-its-kind vacuum cleaner accessory that holds a flashlight, to provide light directly at the point of use. Please see this 4 minute video to see what this accessory is all about:

The accessory holds a flashlight, to provide a hands-free beam of light exactly where it is needed. As someone who is engaged with cleaning services/ housekeeping or homemaking, would you consider using this kind of accessory? Or would you stick to what you are using right now? Your feedback will be very much appreciated. If you want to know more about the product, just visit http://dupreehouse.com/



I think this is great! I just duct taped a flashlight to mine tonight and loved that I could see all the dust, etc. An led lets you see EVERYTHING, especially under the couch. I'd buy one. :)

How is this better than a couple of rubber bands?

In all honesty rubber bands might work just fine, even zip-ties for that matter. Now, I can only speak for myself on this, but after changing the position of the light for different tasks a few times, moving those rubber bands around would get pretty annoying real quick. If you want the perfect balance between convenience, functionality and reliability, this is the way to go. Besides, this attachment looks cool! Thank you for your input.

every where i used a vacuum that had enough power to power the 12 amp beast also had adequate ligthing.

You are very fortunate to already have the light that you need. Over the past year and half, I have discovered that many of us have become so accustomed to working in low-light areas, that it has become the “expected” and “acceptable” norm. Without any new solutions for this problem we’ve developed a “this is the way that it’s supposed to be” mentality. I’d like to ask a favor of you… The next time you vacuum under your couch, recliner, desk or car seats; shine a flashlight along side the vacuum cleaner hose. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for your feedback

Yes! There are other vacuum cleaners that have head-lights. However,
the light is always placed at the front of the unit. While this is great for
the wide-open areas of the floor, it is impossible to get into the tight and
shaded places like under and behind furniture.