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Selecting a Large DC Motor? Answered


I was referred to this class from a co-worker. I appreciate it very much thank you. I've been doing research for a project I want to start for the past year. I've been leaning more towards brushless motors and controllers for no apparent reason. For my project I want to convert a 50cc quad to an electric RC car. I plan on using a PS3 controller, arduinos and xbee links.

Do you think the brushed motor would be a better choice with the alltrax controller? Why or why not? I was looking at golden motor 3000w and a roboteq controller. Anyway you can offer me some advice on which direction I should go? I'm ready to start buying parts.


If you have a PS3 remote lying around, why not hack it and save some money? Also, brushless motors are better because they last longer and are more efficient. If you use a lithium ion battery (it will be expensive) and a brushless motor, then you have to use scraps and recycled components because I think it will be around $500.


Thanks for your reply. I ended up buying a bunch of different parts. In relation to this course I picked up the 48V 3000W Fan Cooled Golden Motor and corresponding Golden Motor Controller. I have four 12V 100AH batteries ready to be installed on the quads fabricated battery platform. 280lbs of battery!