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Self sufficient garden idea? possibly off-grid? Answered

I had this idea for a rain barrel + solar timed pump+ drip irrigation system, but was having trouble about the pump itself. I would like the pump to let water drip every couple of hours, for about a week. I have had no such luck finding this item online or otherwise. Any information on such a product, like how to build or where to buy would be enormously helpful!



Best Answer 5 years ago

You shouldn't need a special pump. Just find one that has the enough head, volume, etc. What you need is something to control it. Something like an Arduino should do the trick and if you added some sensors (light, humidity, temp, rainfall) you could program the system to adjust watering rates based on the weather conditions automatically.(not watering when it's raining, less when it's been very humid, more when it's been hot and dry, shutting off when there is a danger of freezing.)

A pump shouldn't be needed. If you run a timer to a valve at the base of your rain barrel you can achieve the same thing using gravity.

+1. If this is the case then you can still use an Arduino to achieve automation if that was something you were looking for.

I just saw this forum topic that you may also be interested in. The member is looking for supplies to build a very similar sounding project. Perhaps you could have a conversation in the forums about the design (they are simply in need of materials to make the garden project at a school).

Let the water drip slower all the time.

evaporation during the day is a big issue so a buried drip pipe works better by keeping the water away from the sun.