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Selling Art Answered

Does anyone here at Instructables sell their art at Redbubble?


This is the first I have heard of Redbubble, as far as I know. I'm curious, how is it working out for you? Has it been a good experience?

Yes I know, I clicked on your link and had a look around. It looks like you've been doing fairly well, lots of positive reviews.

I have been thinking about trying to sell stuff online for awhile now so I'm interested in learning about the different options, as well as how to get started.

Of course, I have to have something to sell first. Looking at your photographs reminded me of the beautiful nature photos I took several years ago, flowers and fall leaves etc. Lost them all when the computer they were stored on crashed. :( I should try to get some more this fall.

Get a Pay Pal have returns sent to Pay Pal you get them faster.

I have a backup and store on disk new stuff every few months that way I can't loose much I lost a years work when lightning hit my computer and my backup.

Ouch. That's a lot to lose.

Mine were mostly personal photos, with some practice shots leaning more towards things I might be able to sell. The one that hurt the most was a picture of my husband with his cat, Taz, hugging him. She had just died a few days before the drive got wiped out and I never printed a copy of it.

Your link doesn't work with the capitals.