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Selling custom metal sonic screwdriver on ebay Answered

Starting November 14, I will auction off three sonic screwdrivers machined out of aluminum (three different auctions). The sonics are made the same way as the two I made in my Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver with Arduino instructables. People have just been messaging me that they do not have the means to create sonic screwdrivers the way the instructables show and if I I can make them one instead.

Well as people have asked, I made three and will be up for grabs on Ebay the evening of November 14. Sorry, I only had enough material and time for 3 sonics.

I have started the auction.
Auction link for one of the sonic screwdrivers is here:



I still have a sonic screwdriver on sale at ebay.
Here is a video of it. http://youtu.be/3FuqRH-4UK8
Here is the auction:

I have started the auction.
Here is a link to one of the sonic screwdrivers.