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Selling knex guns on Ebay Answered

I thought hey, mabye some people could build Knex guns and sell them on ebay. Because first of all it is kind of hard to build some. What if they were premade for a simple price. I sure would buy one. Well it was just a thought. Also i dont know if you have to get something special to sell guns on ebay. But if you could it may be a good idea.


you should send the part and the instructions.

ya, we should all sell IAC's heavy cannon for like 250$ XD
and i don't even wanna know about shipping =O


10 years ago

I'd worry about it breaking but postage shouldn't be to much as long as it doesn't weight over a pound or two.

use dhl its like 13 al to ms for a 34 lb lot of knex and none of them are gonna be that much well but the new cannons and bows weigh a bit more

No offence, but that is a pretty loaded idea.


10 years ago

id buy im a NEWB some of these are hard 2 get right

Hey did you change your screen name?? And what guns were you thinking about buying? None of them are too difficult to build.

yes i changed my screen name. I was thinking about selling them not buying.

who would be dumb enough to buy one of those.... well people do buy some pretty dumb things on ebay!!

I'm pretty sure someone would buy it, I mean I sold bent forks on ebay before. I paid one dollar for six forks, bent them,then sold them all at ebay for $20 each! I also once sold a fork that said "Uri Geller" on the handle, I wrote it with a marker, and someone bought if for $405.95, really, I'm not joking! So I wouldn't be suprised if someone bought these knex guns, people will buy ANYTHING on ebay!

How are you doing that, some tips please!! I just tried to sell some 512MB DDR2 laptop RAM and people weren't even bidding at 5 bucks... (Using eBay for the first time) Could you explain how you did the fork thing? $20 forks??

I put images and detailed description and everything... I can't believe someone is paying more for forks than RAM :(

Did you bend them into something, like snails, or what? ...did you have a picture of the forks? (especially the one that said Uri Geller)

No, I deleted the pictures a long time ago, but I might go to Walmart today and buy a new batch of dominion dinner forks.

Listen to Weird Al. It would be a good idea, but you could break them up, then send them with the instructions...

thats why we have instructables.....lol

Yeah, but what about those people who don't have internet...

how would they get onto ebay?

Oh, yeah. Never thought about that, lol

You'd have to get some really good packaging.