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Selling my ibook g4 to a guy, any ideas? Answered

There's a guy that wants to buy my iBook G4: 1.2ghz 512mb ram 60gig hd and a 15 inch screen. I offered him $300, but I'm thinking more $400, it's hard to find a ibook g4 of eq. specs on ebay for less than $500. I'm thinking maybe if I saved a bit to add to the $400 I'd get from him, I could go buy a macbook or something online maybe? I'd hate to see my ibook go, but if I could turn around a month later or something and buy a macbook, it'd be worth it. What should I do guys?



10 years ago

I don't think you'll be able to get an intel-cpu MacBook for ~$500 for quite a long time. If you're reasonably happy with your G4 (I'm still using a G4 and a G4 laptop) I would say to keep it...

Read my reply to las vegas, but yeah I have it still and I am happy with it, but it definatly needs more ram or something.

Yes. An iBook with those specs should get around $400 on eBay. Up to about $500 if it had 1GB+ RAM. To boost the memory would cost you $85-$100 to bring up the value of the iBook another $100, so I think accepting $400 would be the best move.

Well I ended up not selling it, the guy decided that he was just gonna buy a brand new one. I was thinking $400 myself and had no idea why I suggested $300 in the first place.