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Semi-adhesive materials Answered


I'm looking for some suggestions of what I'll call (out of ignorance) "semi-adhesive materials". I am looking for a large sheet that can be folded, or preferably tightly rolled (think a window blind) and a variety of shapes that can be stuck on and repositioned.

I've had a look at display felt for use with hook and loop stickers. The felt is quite thick and expensive. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experimented with this kind of project. Flexible magnetic material, or some kind of static attraction or something? Cheaper the better really, but durability is a big concern too. Any pointers in directions to look would be greatly appreciated.


What surface are you looking to stick the clings to? Glass, whiteboard, a regular painted smooth wall, rough brick surface? How big are the cut objects? Small items to illustrate a story or diagram, wall art? I don't know if they have that post-it paper glue or some form of it available. Magnetic sticker sheets are thick and are heavy. Vinyl static clings only work on smooth glass or clean surfaces. The velcro idea can be used with small pieces of hook stuck on the object and the loop strip covering a bigger surface area on the wall. There is that handy tack putty stuff where you just need a few gobs of it stuck on the item. Good luck.

Thanks for the replies! The surface I want to stick to is the "large sheet". Sorry, I wasn't overly clear on that. This system should ideally be portable, hence why the sheet needs to roll or fold. I have not decided on what material this will be yet. The shapes will be no bigger than an A3 sheet of paper and will probably be laminated card/paper so as to be wipe clean and reusable (class brainstorming!) with some sort of fastener/material on the back. From looking around I think that Velcro on a sheet of some kind of display felt will probably be the best solution. It just seems a bit of a bulky material (need it 5m long!). Post-it glue and nylon sheet is something we have used before, but it is problematic folding and unfolding a sheet covered in it without it sticking to itself!

As per Kiteman, the standard teacher's aid is "flannel boards". The backdrop can be a bolt of flannel material. I think that interfaced or lined with a denim or broadcloth might work as a portable curtain you hang up somehow. Roll it up and strap to a golf club bag carrier to tote. Your pieces can be backed with felt or flannel which sticks to itself. Good luck.

Fuzzy felts?