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Semi auto Answered

OK my Dad took a hand-gun safety coarse and he got to use a Semi Auto, He learned how it was semi auto. when you cock it once it loads a bullet and the firing pin is pulled back. Bang you fire! the the recoil from the gun re-cockes the gun!and you fire and so on!


Yup. I'd say that doing them all at once is closer, but still not what is considered semi auto.

look at the gun which i made, would you call that semi auto?

If you shoot, cock, shoot, cock, than it's not semi-auto. If you cock, cock, shoot, shoot, than it's not semi-auto. If you cock, shoot, shoot, than it is semi-auto.

yes,there are many ways, but none can be replicated in knex, apart from the design i invented there is no way of making a knex gass blowback

you might want to edit this wikipedia page cause it doesnt say that a semi automatic is only a semi automatic when it uses a different system...

I'll say it again, your gun is not semi auto. It is several single shot mechanisms stuck together.

im just saying you might want to edit that wikipedia page...

First line in the page: "A semi-automatic firearm is a gun that requires only a trigger pull for each round that is fired" Your gun also requires you to pull back a rubber band for each shot. You might want to edit that page yourself if you want your argument to stand valid.

u pull the bands back before hand, it gets to a point where all u got to do is pull the trigger to get it to fire

If that were the case, then all those "double barrel" block trigger guns would be considered semi auto.

no but by pulling back the bands its like you are loading a clip

Your method is more like welding 10 normal pistols together, cocking them all, and calling it semi auto

Yes..If you cock each rubber band, then shoot each one, and then have to recock them all, it's exactly like what I described. Please explain to me how it's different.

ok imagine a mag you have to put each bullet in a slot thats like the system of pulling back the bands

No, because you have to pull them back for each one. The fact that you pull it back before hand changes nothing. I rather like the simile given earlier that it's like a double barrel shotgun. You can cock both, and then shoot one at a time without cocking again until you reload.

Wouldn't putting the knex pieces in the gun be like loading a clip, and then pulling back the rubber bands be like cocking it?

let me ask you somthing...would the automatic loading and fast firing modern artillery be semi automatic?

If it fires with only the pull of the trigger (or whatever it uses), then yes it is. Also, 1963 is hardly modern. Anyways, we are not talking about this artillery. We are talking about your gun which is not semi-auto. Don't change the subject.

ah yes where was i...do you think every single type of semi automatic weapon ever invented uses the same mech, a bolt?

It does not matter if it has a bolt or not, your gun is simply not semi-auto. In no way is pulling a rubber band back for each shot semi auto. That is the equivalent to pulling the bolt back 10 times to make a rifle shoot 10 shots, completely ridiculous, and deffinately not semi auto.

His gun is a single action revolver that acts like a double action revolver when all the bullets are cocked. Please oodalumps don't say what it's not if you are not going to say what it truly is. Not a gatling gun.

It's a gun with preloaded bullets... Never has been considered a semi-auto in the Knex gun world.

preloaded bullets are how real guns work, and if what u say is true u should change the name of your machine gun to lots of preloaded, but fired with one mechism gun

Real bullets aren't filled with gunpowder right before loading them into the gun, which is a good metaphor what this gun requires. If there was somebody objecting to the name of my machine gun (which I take no pride in, I simply made it because its what people wanted to see), then I'd change it, but there has not been. Anyways, I already posted a new MG that does not use preloaded bullets.

So if you load the knex gun a while before you fire it then it is just like a real gun to you?(not a metaphor)

hacks gun isnt semi auto then cause you have to wind it back 4 times for 4 shots...

and the way you say that co2 systems are like hacks "semi auto" how you need only a small effort to fire the gun, you need only a small amount of effort to fire my gun me and hack use similar systems as far as you are talking about and you say his gun IS semi auto and mine isnt, how does that work?

so far every definition i have found of a semi auto except yours doesnt say a semi auto needs to be loaded like you say...





Loading your gun is FAR from a small effort. Takes a good minute+ to load it. Hack's on the other hand can take 5 seconds.

Anyways if you read You's semi-auto topic, you'd see that I've been skeptical of Hack's gun. If I'm skeptical of 5 seconds of loading, what makes you think that I'll accept 60+ seconds of loading?

Anyways, read the responses to this topic. Everyone says my definition is correct.

does the same principle apply to paintball markers? or airsoft guns? you have to replace the gas every once in a while and load the bbs so what are they?

Compressed air systems are more like hack's semi-auto. It only takes one easy motion to get the power for all the shots.

true but thisn't knex is it? I think not!

for people to know what semi auto is so it is impossible to get TRUE semi knex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!