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Send photos over wifi using a cellphone camera module, rechargeable battery, solar cell, and a wifi module. Answered

I want to build a very small WIRELESS IP Camera using an iPhone 4 camera module. Ultimately, I want to be able to view a new photo every few minutes (more frequently is better of course). Preferably these photos would download to a folder in my computer (Mac).

It would also be cool if I could use a small solar cell to recharge a LiPo (or other rechargeable battery, or high capacity capacitor) which would power the device.

I am very new to all of these things, but I am very technically inclined and ambitious, I don't currently have any parts on hand to try what you might recommend, so this is all theoretical for me. Thank-you to all who participate in bringing this wish of mine to life.



hi brokey,

any luck with this project? i'm working on a similar project (wireless tiny camera) but not using an iPhone camera. In my case, I am looking for a wide-angle camera module (viewing angle of 150 degrees+) but I'm not finding any. I will now have to build a module myself with a wide angle cmos camera myself :(

You''ll need some fairly serious processing power in the middle of it all. There are easier ways to do this.


I have considered obtaining a used ipod touch or iphone (which would have all parts needed except the solar cell), but I was hoping that the face of the device would be less broad than those devices offer. Ultimately, it may be easier to accept using one of those devices and just making a new case that is shaped the way I prefer it.

Never-the-less, my request for help stands.

You should look up wireless security cameras(spy-cams). They are tiny and would have all the necessary parts to communicate with your computer. I don't you would have the fabrication resources to build anything smaller. Good luck.

I've been researching this for quite some time now and it would seem that most cameras of any acceptable resolution (1280*720 + for images) that are IP/wifi compliant are ridiculously expensive and often very large.

Spy Cameras are frequently (though not always) very low resolution and often transmit over standard RF to a composite output that plugs into a TV/VCR; a lot of the time, spy cameras are just normal cameras that have been miniaturized and added a motion sensor.

I am looking for the means to capture (at regular intervals) and transmit 1280*720 + images over Wifi, and have the images received into a folder on my Mac.