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Senior Design Project Android LED Phone Case Help! Answered

Hi Everyone,
I have a project. It's an LED Phone case this case will light up when the user receives an incoming notification. My progress so far is that I'm using Samsung Gs2 on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 OS with the Arduino Mega Adk board. The problem I'm running into is that the Arduino Mega doesn't connect with the Samsung Gs2. When I run the Arduino Hello World sketch for example: i get the following error in the arduino IDE. I have search online but nothing seems to help me. 

Device addressed… Requesting device descriptor.
found possible device. swithcing to serial mode
Data packet error: 5could not read device protocol version

  However, I do understand for my project that I will need an Android Application and the Arduino Code. I'm just stuck and I'm wondering if this is to complicated or is it another simpler way. If someone knows something I need your help. 


There are many key chain accessories that will light up when there is an incoming call. They tend to link with the phone through Bluetooth. Have you considered hacking one of those into your case?

I never thought of that where can I find those kind of key chains. I know there is one that just light when you press a button. But I don't think I seen the one that links an incoming call.

When this keychain detects the incoming frequency to your phone it lights up. If the phone in question operates in the frequency range of the device it will notify you when a call comes in. There are many similar items on the market with various themes.

Look at the Android accessory ADK. The Atmega is acting as a USB slave, the Android is acting as a USB slave, you need a different hardware layer. I've played with the FTDI solution http://www.ftdichip.com/Android.htm