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Senior Waffleman's Scar-L Problem Answered

Hey guys!

Well, I was at a loss as to what to build on Tuesday, so i decided to build Senior Waffleman's Scar-L. I decided this for multiple reasons, among which, the gun just looks flippin' awesome! Well, I finished it Thursday (I did not have much time to build between when I began and Thursday) and I began to work with it, shooting it, editing it and so fourth. Well, the gun is horrible when it comes to shooting, and I'll tell you why.

What you see in the paint image below is basically what the internals of the front of the gun look like, and you may see the problem. The mag I made was different than his, and was more realistic, but as the bullets go up the barrel, they stop as they hit the top of the barrel. When the FP hits the bullets (his shooting mech is freaking brilliant, and works well) The bullets either: 1) Don't leave the barrel, or 2) Leave the barrel at a speed of 60 meters-per-year. Everything works well, except for the fact that the bullets don't leave the barrel half the time.

Tell me what you all think...? Keep in mind, I've tried lots of different ways to fix this. I tried: making the barrel taller, making the bullet heavier, hitting the bullets harder by adding more rubber-band power, and even making a breach-loading mech to at least make the gun shoot.




5 years ago

Connectors are slitly about a millimeter taller than rods so this is probably your problem


5 years ago

I agree with Dr.
Your problem is most likely the widht of the barrel which is a little smaller. Changing your bullets to rods or making the barrel wider are probably the key to succes. I'd suggest you to change bullet though.

dr. richtofen

5 years ago

Hmm, wierd, I posted a comment yesterday :I
Anyway. From what I see, these are the problems with his gun:
- The gap between the mag and bottom barrel. Bullets can ram into that edge, which slows them down;
- The width of the barrel. Grey connectors are a bit higher/fatter than rods, he used rods. This causes a huge ammount of friction;
- The start of the fake barrel. He used white rods there. The little gap between the two connectors causes small edge. These edges are where the rod clicks in. The bullets can bump into that.
I hope this helped.