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Sent -4 minutes ago? Answered

I got a PM from another member and the time stamp said -4 minutes ago. What is this supposed to mean. I know it seems silly but I am just curious.


Shh, don't spread this, but HQ is actually built in a DIY Tardis, so occasionally they get the time wrong...

Instructables pays for a nice server farm to handle all of their Web traffic. It appears to me that some of those server machines don't have the right time synchronization, such that they time-stamp messages earlier than other servers. This can lead to the above effect, for small time differences.

There's an even more fun problem which seems to crop up occasionally, where one of the servers is several hours off (as though it were in another time zone!).


5 years ago

A programers chagrin...

I always feared the hated event when 5K lines of code and
500 branch on x came up with the impossible.

That is where the branch when needed instruction was invented...