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September was our best month yet Answered

We've been growing pretty consistently since the site launched in 2005, but September was notable in that we smashed a number of our records.  We had the greatest number of people come to the site (5.6 M), the greatest number of people return (2.9 M), the greatest number of new pro memberships, and our first and second highest traffic days where over a quarter of a million people visited Instructables in a single day.  We didn't break any records for new Instructables (the last month of the Craftsman contest from last year still holds that one), but September wasn't too far behind.  And all this in a month with only 30 days!

October is my favorite month.  Here's to it bringing in some amazing costumes and smashing even more records.


Solid...one step closer to totally customized world domination...jk

Congratulations!  Hopefully the traffic was sufficiently close to your trend that you can use it to project future activity (and negotiate ad rates accordingly).

Any chance you (or Ed, or Claude, or somebody) could add some time history plots so we can put those numbers into context?


(That's as loud as I get without forking over any dough)


In other news, I also smashed Killerk's record for the largest orangeboard a few days ago. =P<br /><br />I'm just messing around with the topic of records, but this is cool! Lets get ibles more popular than Myspace or Facebook!<br />

Goodness me.

That is nothing but good news!

Sweet! That's great to hear. 


8 years ago

 Woohoo! Awesome! I've been meaning to get a Pro membership for a while...

That is fantastic! This is by far my favorite site. Keep it up Doc!

That's Great! And I haven't been here in a while...we have new text formatting? Sweet! I hope Pro memberships are coming along well, too!


8 years ago

Wow! Those are some serious numbers. October is also my fav month since I'm a Halloween costume junkie- I should have a couple of new projects done this month. :)

Awesome! Let's hope you get even more visitors in October with the Haloween contest, along with people looking for how to make Halloween related items.