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Set Pistol Instructio Answered

I have had a lot of success with instructables that have more than one objective in view. For example, my K'NEX Gun Attachments 'ible has had almost 4,000 views (not to mention 22 favorites), and I think that the main reason for this can be extensively attributed to the fact that there is more than one thing to look at within the 'ible. After all, look at BM2's L85A2. The gun is amazing, but people also (note the word ALSO, there) love the ACOG that he has included within the pictures. I think that this could be used again in a really cool instructable "initiative" that I wanted to propose to you guys.

My idea is this. Why must we always post instructables with only one item included within them? I see no reason for why this should always be, so I propose this. A pistol instructable. What we would do is (a collection of us) build a bunch of shooting pistols (no models please) whether replicas or not, I don't care, so long as they shot and are relatively new (no carbon copies of other builds). Then, at the end of say, April, I would make and invite a bunch of you guys to post your pistols onto an instructable, and then I'd finally post after everybody got theirs added and edited.

What do you guys think? The idea kinda seem sorta far fetched, but we could give it a whirl all the same...?

-The Red Book of Westmarch


Notice: I am about to create the Pistol Instructable, you will have between now (May 2nd) and May 11th. Get to it!

Will this be an instructable that can continuously grow? So if someone wants to add a pistol after the deadline, it can just be added? I'm wondering because I would quite like to do a pistol at some point, but I can't right now as I'm halfway through a project, and I have little time at the moment anyway due to exams

it'll probably not for a while with all these exams, but I've got a few concepts lined up for it already

Sorry man, but I'm going out for a week or two, so I won't be able to post my gun. I'm leaving now, so I don't have time for posting even pics. But I will still have internet, so that's good.

Can I post post-deadline (lol)?

I know mine doesn't shoot and instructions have already been made but I just wanted to share this with other instructable users.


Now that I have some interest, let me get into more detail about how this is all going to work.

For right now, all you guys have to do is build a pistol that shoots (again, it does not have to be a replica), take enough pictures of it to give people a good idea of how it works (10 - 20 would be plenty, no less than 5 please. Also, internal pics of how the gun works would also be great!), and break it to build a new pistol. That is all you guys need to worry about until sometime between the 26th of April and the 3rd of May.

When it gets to that time (the 26th of April and the 3rd of May, probably closer to the 3rd of May.) I'll create an 'ible and add all of the people who have proven, with pictures added to this forum topic, that they have a pistol to add to the set. Once it hits the first full week of May (5th - 9th), I'll post the 'ible, regardless if everyone has had a chance to add to it.

Any questions?

(all typos and misspells included within this comment are... well... typos and misspells)

hey red, listen

could you do me a favor?

a friend of mine is a huge fan of the P99, could you post it, please? he and I will be very thanksfull

Well, here's the thing, the Five-SeveN, the P99 and the 75 will be posted (with internals), but not until the end of this month / the beginning of next month. I cant post until JonnyBGood, didexo, and akshat are all ready to post as well.

Here are some pics of the FN Five-SeveN and P99 that I am gonna add to the 'ible:


An interesting observation, but probably not quite the way to go about it. We post individual instructables because we have one build available at the time, and most often we're used to people searching through our things or being subscribed and seeing a notification. However, as far as finding builds and comparing them, I do agree we should compile a constantly updated list of some of the better builds. So instead of having an instructable with instructions, just have lists of all sorts of different builds a new user might be interested in and then write short descriptions on all of them so users can quickly compare on the list what they'll probably like best, then link them to the instructable. We sort of did something like this a while ago with a collaboration among some of the more active builders saying what we'd all each use as war sets. However, of course this was biased and was based only on war weapons.

Another idea I just got is making a sort of modular weapon that we could all base off of and add our own parts and accessories. So, for example, just have a single shot pistol that acts as the core and then have different instructions on how you can modify it to your liking, giving new users the ability to customize their weapon without really having to be that experienced. Seeing how I suggested a similar project to you for ammo testing purposes, I say we start there and expand on it later.

I hear you, and much of what you say is true. I'm to lazy to elaborate as of right now, but leave it at the fact that I agree with you. =D

As to the modular weapon, for some reason, I think your SMRI would be a great base to start, but I'd be willing to help out on the project (provided that I was not spearheading/leading the idea).

Take the lead, bro. I'll offer input but otherwise I don't have the time at the moment to build. I've a paper draft due tomorrow, a group powerpoint/research project, two programming projects, and a capstone project (where I'm building a website) all to do this semester.

As for the SMRI, I personalized it a bit much for being modular. I'd recommend starting with a more generic "yellow block" body that houses a trigger and pin as the only consistent elements. More or less the handle could remain the same, but basic so others can modify it to their liking. For an extra challenge, design a trigger that would allow for bolt action even if it's not implemented. Otherwise, just design it such it'd be easy to attach a mag well of any kind, and then any front section on to that. Likewise, make it easy to add a stock of any sort onto the back.

As for inspiration, I'd look into my DERP which used only oodammo magazines, but was designed such that other magazines could be implemented. Likewise, it has the simple rectangle body I'm thinking of as well as room for expansion, albeit not a great example of a set up that'd allow bolt action. My BAW (posted by someone else) is another example.

This sounds like a good idea and I want in on it. Just let me get my Zip3 posted in mid april-ish and I'll be glad to help!

Mine is ready to roll! I got a bolt action sniper pistol, Maximum.

Sounds great! Good luck :-)


4 years ago

I like the sound of it. Also, I briefly read the second paragraph of TD's post and think that could be interesting too. Whatever to boost the moral!

Yeah, I think TD's idea is a good one. You want to help us out with some of your own handguns?

Sounds good. The deadline is not until April 30th - May 2nd. I'll Create the collaboration 'ible on April 30th.

So wait, we'd all build a pistol with our own twist on it, and then add it to one giant master ible' collection so then we have all the iblers' pistols on one giant ible. Right? If that's the case count me in! Just give me a due date I can keep (mid to late april?).

Yup, that is exactly it. We'd each build a couple (or maybe just one) handguns, and add them to the 'ible. I think that the end of April / the beginning of May would work for all of us. What do you say?

Sounds good! I think I can whip up Competitor V by late April. I got to finish posting some things before I can start. Did anyone else join this yet?

Yeah, TheAwsomestDude and didexo are in this, as well as myself and (possibly) KnexBuild. The deadline is not until April 30th - May 2nd. I'll Create the collaboration 'ible on April 30th.