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Sex and the City themed party ideas, please! Answered

I can't be the only person who wants to do this, especially since a new movie is coming out soon. So, what to do?

I' m not getting much inspiration browsing the web, but so far I've decided on doing a Cosmos and NY theme (duh!). Everyone will dress up as their favorite character. I have come up with a SATC themed drinking game. I've even thought of leaving funny props around the house, like the infamous Post-It note.  I'd like to do more stuff like that, but I need some suggestions. How about music? (specific songs) Entertainment?  Photo props? Decoration projects? Table settings? Recipes?  I'd really appreciate any input here, but I prefer anything that is cheap, easy and awesome.


I'm having a bunco party with the Sex and the City theme.  I'm decorating with Black and white table clothes lots of candles and I bought some fuschia colored fabrics for accents (the color of Cosmo's).  Naming your food is fun like "Carrie's Favorite" Cosmos, "Bigs" (cocktail) weenies, Red hot sex"y" cupcakes, "The Big Apple" pie, etc.  I've found ton's of inspiration searching the web.  Call it Cosmo's Cupcakes and Couture, Friends, Fashion, and Fun.  Decorate with shopping bags stuffed with tissue all over (fake Saks, Bloomingdales, etc.)  I'm going to have a "Bling" table decorated sparkley, a "Big Apple" table decorated with a taxi, apples, and I <3 New York, don't forget how they LOVE Shoes and purses.  I've printed up pictures of the characters to hang and pick who we're most like.  There are tons of great "Carrie" quotes to print and hang around too.  We're playing bunco but you should watch the first movie or have it playing in the background.  Keep searching the web.  There's info on tampon "party favors" having to do with a pregnacy episode etc.  Try looking under Sex and the City theme party or party ideas!  Good Luck

A group of gal pals all dressed are going to dinner and then having the theatre rope off our area as we strut into the theatre! 

If I was doing it at home ... for the table setting I'd make seating cards or chocolate edible name cards with writing on them (easy to make), with the words.........slut, romantic, hottie, looking, fashionesta, sexy, sleeze, (more if you need them) and then they sit where they think ithe word fits them.. after they are seated  ask each person why they think they are that word!  for party favors i always make a treat (chocolate covered pretzels, or marshmallows ..can personalize with their name) or I put a treat in a bag with a friendship saying (will send some if you want)......you can even put a trivia card on each persons place setting....

Scene It? HBO Game Pack

HBO aficionados are tested on knowledge of their HBO favorites, such as "Sex and the City," "Deadwood," "The Sopranos," "Six Feet Under," and "Curb Your Enthusiasm." This game pack is recommended for ages 18 and up.

I think sex toys (small passion party?) and shoes have to be involved somehow.  There's also a SATC trivia board game.  You can set up a laptop that scrolls articles written on SATC sort of like Carrie writing one.  For a table decoration, you can fill vases with fabric/ribbon flowers and pink tulle - the fabric flowers can then act as favors as well.  Hot dogs and different condiments (e.g., chili, sauerkraut, mustard, relish) would work well for food and be very easy and cheap to do although it might clash with the cosmos - sushi would probably do better with the cosmos and still be relatively easy or at least something you can prep ahead of time.


A list of the songs from the movie