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Shake charger for a blackberry whose battery is 3.7 V. Would p a 5V regulator in still be too much voltage? Answered

 Hi - I just need to know exactly what components I need besides a coil, a bridge recitifier and a capacitor I need in order to create a shake (faraday) charger for my cell phone.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks so much!!


 If you look at a charger that it came with, or you bought, it will say the output voltage at the max current for that transformer.  Almost all phones charge at 5V in the input. If you are putting it directly to the battery, I'm guessing it would need to be a different voltage. 

a magnet would help, right? don't they use a tumbler to generate the charging current?

What's the voltage of the charger?  That's an important question.  If the charger puts out 5 v. then what you want will work.

I think that to a cell phone it is looking for an exact voltage.  It's got a lithium battery and they are very tempermental and when they pitch a fit they really pitch a fit.