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Shall I build the ZKAR V2? Answered


No, the pin guide is the problem. It has the worst possible pin guide in history. I fixed that though, I'll post my mods.

It didn't work! (i built it)

You fail at building. I would suspect you were too n00bish to pull it off. It works for everyone else who has built it.

i worked out what i did and anyway if i did build it again i wouldnt have enough green rods for the whole thing

Build the v1, but make the trigger area 5 layers think and use the v2's trigger. Saves lots of peices.


8 years ago

yes, it packs some fu**ing punch!

I built it and it worked fine, except the pin broke every 100 shots or so.

Most definitely. Maybe I'll build one first and post it, but I've got to work today.

Im already half way through building it thanks for the offer but im okk