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"Shanti" bow Answered

My newest project, the "Shanti" bow, or the D-TAB v1 (dual-turret assault bow)  Brings out a whole new era of shotbows.  The D-TAB v1 uses a turret for optimum performance.  What is unique about this bow, however, is that it uses two turrets, firing them simultaneously.  It also uses the very first compound bow system that I have seen in knex.  This gives it an extra thrust of power while the firing pin is accelerating to the turrets.  This is truly my greatest creation yet (but I had to take apart my prized hell slayer :( p.s. build that gun!), and will continue to get better.  Unlike zak and his "sexbow", I will be posting this.  Here are a few pics and a video should be up shortly.  Let me know what ya think.

Video: www.youtube.com/watch

-Turrets for performance and quick reload
-Great range (havent measured yet but I'm guessing around 50ft with the bands used-you can add much more)
-Compound bow system
-Textured foregrip
-Perfect war gun
-SK's easy to use ram and guide

-Inaccurate at range

Credit goes to s0lekill3r for ram, ram guide and frame
Credit also goes to knexfreek for the trigger (though I probably be using a different one because I can't find a way to put a safety on his)



Ah, you used my pivot bow mechanism idea thingy.  Does it work well?

 Yours?  Not sure what you mean by that but yes it does work well

Well, technically I was the first to come up with the concept, but I guess you just thought of it by yourself.  It never really worked out for me, so I was asking if it was good.

 Ah whatever great minds think alike XD

i love it....

That is so awesome, post soon!

Very good effort. I would take some of the bulk out of the stock if I was you, looks a tad silly. And like others have said, strengthen up the front part. Other than that, very good! :)

 Yeah, I was going to change the stock for the instructable.  And it isn't that the front isn't string, its that I used too strong rubber bands to wind the turrets to the rod that sticks out that the pin hits is pushing against the part that holds it in place, pushing them down a little

Are you really posting because thats what you said about the lever rifle and you still did not.

 Yeah I know this one will be up within the week-the lever rifle will be up too but I'm not sure when because I haven't found the patience to take it apart, take pics, and put it back together-that things really complex

are you going to post???

He says in the description that he's going to post it. You really should read those before you ask redundant questions.

 I just want to get a video up then I'll start working on it.

awesome! I will build when it's up!!!

Yay video! I have nothing to do with my nearly limitless free time...

Really neat design! I might suggest though, it looks like the weight on the front is bending the frame, a little extra support might be nice. Other than that though, really well done.

 Actually, the whole thing is extremely sturdy, it may just appear that way because it is at a slant because of the little rise at the bottom of the stock.  The only things that actually do bend a little are the turrets and I think that is because of how I put on the rubber bands, they kind of pull it down.

Ah. I see. How are you rigging the turred bands at the moment?

It looks to be a pretty good quality crossbow, but it isn't a compound bow. I made a bow like that a year or two ago.

A compound bow has pulleys and whatnot. They don't work too well with knex, though. The reason being that they have the pulleys so that it is easier to pull back the bow, allowing for a stronger bow without having to put as much effort into pulling and holding it back. Knex doesn't really have a bow and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. They also have let-off, but that's irrelevant for crossbows.

 They don't have to use pulleys, they just have to use some kind of system that will sort of "snap into place when you pull it back and let it go.  It is veery hard to makee them out of pulleys though, I tried it and it just blew apart when I tried using it lol

A compound bow is a modern bow that uses a levering system, usually of cables and pulleys, to bend the limbs.

Okay, fine. Maybe not always pulleys, but some sort of lever that makes it easier to pull the limbs.

 Well  it may not be a compound bow by definition, but it performs the same purpose: increasing the power without increasing the difficulty of pulling the pin back.

I've used a compound bow before, and there aren't any levers involved, really, just the pulley system. Thing fired crazy hard, though. Wasn't really that hard to pull back, either. In this case, I'd actually add a second trigger to keep the arms back while you cock the firing pins, then you pull the second trigger to release the arms, bringing them to the position seen in the picture.

It looks great, but there is just 1 problem that I can see. On the last picture, the turrets bend down a little is that normal? and if it is, is there any way to fx it?

 Ya-I've noticed that too-it doesn't seem to affect the performance of the gun, though, I think it is just the way I winded the turrets, with the bands pulling the turrets down a little.

 - - - - U N B E L I E V A B L E - - - - 

        - - - - 10 S T A R S - - - - 

 Oh yeah, I remember seeing that.  Not very practical for wars in my opinion, probly weighs like 10 pounds.

 It doesn't actually weigh that much but it was really annoying to prime.  The little pistol was completely unnecessary as well and it made everything harder to use.  Also, the range was pitiful on the crossbow.

 "the range was pitiful"

How come the range was so low?  Do you know why?

 It sure did look cool though.  If you could fix up the range on the bow part it would make a good war gun (except for the size), with the little pistol a back up.  Good ideas with it though.

 The size really wasn't that much of a bother.

 Hmm... well just work on the bow (unless you've already taken) it apart and you got a pretty decent wapon

 I took it apart a while ago.

Thats not very nice going and raining on his parade like that id sugest you delete that comment.

HOLY $HIT thats nice
   S W E E T :)

wow thats so cool
I would say the best bow if you post it please post that is awesome


8 years ago

 I_Am_Canadian posted pictures on KI of a "compound bow" like yours a while ago.

The pictures were removed, I doubt he saw that.

 Really?  Do you have a link?  maybe I could use his with the bow to see if it is more effective