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Share Office Space with Instructables at Squid Labs in San Francisco Answered

2010-04-05 Update:
We've moved, and all our shared space is occupied! 

Do you have a cool small company and are looking for some shared office and/or lab space in a really great environment?

Share space at Squid Labs!

Squid Labs recently opened a new office in San Francisco and we're looking to fill spaces in our shared work environment. The current tenants are Instructables (community project sharing) and HumCycles (electric motorcycles).

Features of the space:

- Tons of natural light. Windows on all 4 sides and skylights.
- Landlord is awesome and tech/green savvy.
- Space is clean/professional yet also stylish/zany.
- Cool intra-space neighbors working on hot technologies. Lots of idea/resource sharing.
- Close to BART, MUNI, and freeways for your commuting needs.
- Parking lot with space for 9 cars.

Shared resources:

- Large conference room with table/chairs/projector.
- Smaller meeting room for phone calls.
- Two kitchens with fridges, microwaves, plates, etc.
- 75 watt laser cutter
- Lounge space for eating, hanging out, brainstorming.
- Shop space in the garage with a mill, lathe, welding, and other power tools.
- 4 unisex bathrooms.
- Internet, wireless, firewall. Static IPs available.
- Pizza parties, build nights, and meet-ups.

What's available:

- A mix of cubicles and large and small private offices.
- Month-to-month cubicles, or longer-term larger-area leases are possible.
- In the layout below, the blue and pink areas are available, and the green areas will be available in the future. White is open common space, and dark gray is bathrooms, closets, and the elevator. This represents single cubicles to 5000 sqft of the 7500 sqft total.


489 Clementina St. San Francisco, CA
(Right next to 6th and Folsom)

Contact me if interested! Click on my username in the right-side column for contact info.


I hope they are the edible type? Or just random evil tracking code you can use on your own website?

They are usually mint chocolate sandwich creams or snicker doodle (not sure what snicker doodle is, but I sure do like eating them). Sometimes Ed bakes cookies which are fantastic.

Is that Josh in the 2nd picture?

Negative That's Potenco's Intern Island. The two Joshes frequent the other side of the building (first picture). There are many interns, and they have a plan.

Squid Labs wouldn't happened to be unzoned, would it?

I'm not going to ask what that cage is for...

Eric's code monkey!

I think it is the punishment for being worst employee of the month. You get locked in there for a whole day, naked. I think it is making their employees work harder.

it is not nearly as neat a facility, but the Hacker Consortium in Nashville Tennessee has a similar membership space. Priced for individuals but I could see using it as an incubator for small tech businesses.

If someone is interested and can't raise them, let me know offline.

Are there others around the country? I hear there are several in Germany.

If you have more information, go ahead and post another listing in the For Sale forum category.

I hope the promise of co-ed bathrooms and showers doesn't refer to the wacky games and other frequent entertainments...you might want to reword your ad.

I would do that for my new company (still working on the website and item stock and everything) but - I'm a kid - I don't think my parents would let me move to calafornia, lol That's cool though

Same here... Other side of the state and all that...

i should just rent it and then go live there :D


10 years ago

Sweetness, now if I only owned a business....

Wow, sounds nice.