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Share your Instagram account! Answered

I've been instagramming for a long time, mostly focusing on my embroidery work! But yesterday I decided to start a new account for my instructables and more personal stuff, like plants and pets and selfies and whatnot.

I'd love to see what y'all are sharing on instagram!! Please share your username or a link to your profile in the comments below so I can stalk you all friendly-like. :D

Here are my instagram profiles:

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Jessy I have suggested elsewhere that author profiles have
the option to add links for whatever social media profiles they use to promote
their work. Seems Instagram is indeed popular with makers but so is youtube,
pinterest etc. At the moment we have one link, which is fine for me (I started
using Instagram only recently - https://www.instagram.com/makend0/
- and I use but don’t maintain my youtube account) but I see a lot of people on
here with multiple presences. I don’t think it would be especially cluttered if you just include icons that appear only if the author chooses to populate them.

+1 what a great idea!

Is it just me or are my links not really working?

Thanks for the reply, even more interesting, GavinH53's link seems to go to your account

Noticed that. Not really sure what is going on here, but I forwarded it along.

I would like to get people's opinion on hashtags on Instagram. I've seen people put a bunch at the end of their post. I've seen people put periods and returns and then post a bunch of hashtags. And lastly I've seen people that post a comment on their own post with their hashtags. Which method do people prefer???

I like the second comment option! I think people mostly do the periods/spaces to *hide* their hashtags either because they're ugly, but I don't mind them. :)