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Hey everyone! I've been making instructables in an attempt to bring more traffic to my blog. It's all about safety razor shaving and why its better than the traditional cartridge razor shaving.  Could anyone offer any tips or tricks to increasing traffic to my site? Also, please feel free to comment on my most recent instructable.


and my instructable:


If I were you, I would post the whole process in one Instructable (note spelling!), called something like How to Wet-Shave, and include all the steps from lather and skin-preparation all the way through to aftershave treatment.

Are you going to be using a cut-throat razor, modern disposable or an old-style disposable-blade razor?

Eww, that's a terrible title, "How to shave like a man", now that's a title.

How to Shave Like a Maker; mask off the area with duct tape, then grind off the stubble with a dremel.

That's a thought - where's Billy these days?

Met him at the Maker Faire NYC, he is the dude with dreadlocks. If you look really close, there are embedded LEDs in his hair. He was going to put up an ible on it but he might have licked the pair of 9v batteries he used. Still going to school, I think.

Wow, he's changed since his giant match days!

Yeah, I hardly recognized him myself :-)

and you were standing next to him in the picture? He must be one of those group photograph crashers.

I meant when I first met him.....took a moment to place the name with the face, even though I was looking right at him :-)

This phrase: "safety razor shaving and why its better than the traditional cartridge razor shaving"  I would assume means the the original  "safety razor" which is about as safe as any exposed blade can be.  Cartridges, or those kind with multiple blades inside a plastic, disposable shield, can be problematic in that they clog easily.  BUT, the so called SAFETY razor is hardly safe (the kind you open to insert the face removing sharp, most of the times, double edged blade into).  I have removed a rather large chunk of my upper lip on numerous occasions with one.

I do however wonder what he means by "traditional" cartridge razor shaving.  Traditional normally (I would think) means using a "straight razor" (along with a strop for honing)

Thanks for the tips. Is there anything you would like to see in the guide that would improve it?

I made the switch over to DE specifically because keeping a straight was too much of a hassle. Also, I've got incredibly sensitve skin and keeping a straight edge as sharp as I get my DE blades is next to impposible.

A tip shop at garage sales in the older sections of a town and you may be surprised to get a decent straight razor for pennies. I found three quality Dovo razors ($100+ each) for a total of $8.00! I got a nice shaving brush for $1.00 !
Folks get rid of gandpa's odl stuff not knowing the value of the pieces or the quality of the shave. (these work even when the power goes out, something to think on.)

Look around, thrift stores, flea markets and the like are treasure troves. Find a professional sharpener to do the edge, or many razor companies will sharpen a razor for you to a perfect edge for a few dollars and worth the cost.

I still use the old cut-throat razor, used it since I got back from the Navy in 1965. With care (and the occasional sharpening by a pro!) and the regular stropping on a leather strap impregnated with strop compound, you can keep a razor-sharp for very long times between sharpening. Practice shaving a balloon (No joke), until you get the hang of just skimming the skin. The razor cuts off the hair and doesn't drag on the skin (Ouch, Yow, OhmygodImbleeding sort of thing otherwise.)
Still gives a great shave, even around a small beard and moustache.

I still use bayrum aftershave like my grand dad, here's the current recipe I use from a recipe that I got off Badger and Blade website for their Bay Rum Aftershave

-4 Ounces Vodka (or use SD-40 denatured ethenol from drugstore)
-2 Tablespoons light(!) Jamaican Rum
-2 Dried Bay Leaves (Don’t use the bay leaf they sell at the grocery store. While it’s good for soups, it’s not good for bay rum. Make sure to use Pimenta racemosa, sometimes available at natural food stores)
-1/4 Teaspoon Allspice
-1 Stick of Cinnamon, broken in pieces
-Fresh Zest from a Small Orange

Get alcohol over 60% abv, to ensure dissolving the oils. If you can get overproof rum, use it, otherwise everclear is your best bet.
Add glycerin at the end if you need moisturising properties as an aftershave- typically 5% is enough.

Combine all ingredients in a container such as a bottle or mason jar with a tightly fitting lid.
Put the closed container in a dark, cool place (not in the refrigerator) for two weeks.
This allows the alcohol to extract the essential oils from the bay leaves. After two weeks, strain the mixture through several layers of coffee filters. If necessary, repeat until no residue remains.
Put in a nice bottle and splash on face after shaving.

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