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Shaving me head for charity Answered

I'm going to be shaving my head for charity, in order to microfinance third world countries. I was wondering if anyone on instructables would like to help by donation. I'll post before and after pictures on here once I get the amount of money we need (Which is about 1800 dollars, to buy a proper carpentry set for a man in Ghana.) I'm also working with people in my community to do this. You won't be scammed as you don't need to give me any money. Here's how it'll work: 1: Post here how much you'll donate 2: Go to KIVA.com and register an account 3: I will provide you with a link to the recipient 4: You will donate the money on a given day, at which point (when I see that the transaction is through) I will shave my head, pictures and all. 5: You may laugh at my discomfort.



9 years ago

I'm of the opinion it's better to focus on the problems at our doorstep. Sure some people's lives are pretty bad and while it's a good idea to help them out there's still people in our own countries who also aren't having a great time, why is it that people are all too ready to help some African nation yet ignore there's problem in their own country, or town. and to add to that, I'm also not a fan of people who can't be bothered to help themselves.

Agreed. It makes more sense to get the people in our country off the streets and living properly before we move on to the bigger picture.

You're obviously an ignorant fool. These people CAN'T help themselves, as they don't have the money to do so.

I accept I'm an ignorant fool.

-deleted text- bleh. dwtfyw


9 years ago

kiva is a non-profit. They take your donations and distribute them to microfinance lenders all over the world. Those lenders disburse the money to entrepreneurs in third world countries, who pay back the loans in installments. You choose the specific entrepreneur to fund, and as they pay off the loan, the money you donated is returned to you. A lot of good, lasting change is generated by giving these people access to capital. The problem is that the loans are NOT given out interest free. You give your donation free of charge, and Kiva gives it to the loan companies free of charge, but the loan companies charge the borrowers very high interest rates. The average rate is 23% - in the US, that would be "Payday Loan" territory. This is not made very clear on the Kiva website. In fact, the Kiva website says that you are making a direct, "one-on-one" connection with the borrower, and call it a "person-to-person" loan. You have to dig quite a bit to find out that your money is being passed from Kiva to a for-profit company, and even more to find out that they are earning an average of 23% interest on your donation.

Hmmm... could you send me a link about that? I believe you, but I just want to make sure.