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She said Yes! Answered

Hey all, most of you probs don't care, but for those who know and love me, a small bit of news.

I asked my girlfriend to marry me today,

and she said YES


Keep an eye out for the Instructable, coming soon...

That is all...



sorry for the late congrats but good luck this wolf will howl in joy for you two i might even get the whole pack in on this


9 years ago

OMG! Congrats!


w00t! Congrats. Soo... where's it happening? ...Oh, I just worked out that the picture of the box was the box open, not closed... I'm slow...

Nice, all the best and all that, should be good. One bit of advice: Don't stress. If you stress all your fears come true, so just be happy :D BTW: Good job on the steam-punk wedding ring box, that should be the start of a lifetime of making for the both of you!

get too jake! we want instructables on this ;-P

You're back! Congratulations, and kudos for ~~taking pity on Jake~~ saying yes.

Yes I'm back now- I figured ibles is too good to live with out for too long. ;-P THanks Kiteman, Han

You can never leave, not really...

We're like the Readers Digest mailing list...

Or Sierra Club lists for that matter....

Sierra Club ? I mean, I kind of know what they are, but I have never gotten anything from them to my knowledge.

Well first I donated to the National Wildlife Federation (a year ago), and in that time I've received requests for donations from the Sierra Club, Green Peace, a couple of Indian schools, and countless save-the-whales type organization. I'm guessing that's how I got that Obama support letter, in the eyes of the law I'm a radical Green Peacin' Sierra Clubber...

I don't know why, but all the hairs on the back of my neck just stood up...

Tis great to have you back. We always feel an empty space that no one else can fill when a member leaves.

Holy Toledo! You posted this over a month ago, and I'm just now seeing this. Well, I've never been married before, but I'm sure it'll be great. Congratulations to the both of you!



9 years ago

Congrats! wish you all the best!


9 years ago

congratulations and nice ring box

ooo, a steam-punk wedding!

And now, when I saw, I really love your custom made box. You didn't have to buy the ring, just give her the box... :D

And those things down (in my previous comment) (@#$%&*()) they are not swears, they represent fireworks.... I love fireworks... :P

Congrats again!!!

Thanks! there is more to it that just that box, i will get the full ible up soon..

Can't w8! I really want to see the whole picture of the box and how to make one... Good luck!

congrats dude! may you grow old together. P.S. when is the wedding?

Congratulations!! :-)


Congratulations!! Welcome to the rest of your life.

I hope your best man is a Maker as well - he's got to organise at least a dozen steam-punk rifles for the guard of honour as you leave the church.


Well done that couple!

Glad to see she hasn't been totally put off by you hanging around with all these weirdos strangers.

Have you named the day?

  • How to make a steampunk ring box
  • How to propose
  • How to plan a stag do
  • How to plan a hen night
  • How to survive a hangover
  • How to plan a wedding
  • How to create steampunk wedding invitations
  • How to weld a suit.
  • How to rivet a wedding dress
  • How not to invite certain people to a wedding
  • How to make a Robot wedding cake
  • How to photograph a wedding
  • How to shoot a wedding video
  • How to be the groom at a wedding, yet not actually appear in the video
  • How to put together a wedding album that is more than just posed photos

(A friend had a great idea for recording their wedding "do" - they bought disposable cameras for all the children, then put the best shots together into an album).

Thanks Kiteman! Your a star. *takes note of all the ibles i need to make* i could put them into a guide after aswell..

You didn't answer the question - have you named the day?

Not yet, were thinking next autumn.


  • How to make an insulated wedding dress.

  • How to make a camouflage wedding dress and matching suit ;-)
  • May I suggest the blaze orange safety bridal bouquet and garter belt. And for the gentleman, a blaze orange safety tophat.
  • and How to synchronize watches to a reference standard so that they will both be on time for the ceremony.

it'slost in space...when you said "I forgot", I thought you forgot to send it, so I forgot about it. case closed?

That must have been the time when the systems were wacky and you had to wait to get the original PM and your reply was stuck somewhere. Unless if you want to copy and resend it now. I don't think the PM has a forwarding feature.

Oh, am have I confused you with someone else? ....let me check....no, it was from you, and then I replied......so it never made it back through?