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She's at it! Answered

I haven't been myself for the last few minutes - I was replying to the last day's comments from my email alert, and I suddenly realised that it wasn't my picture next to my replies... It was Kitewife's!

She's been logged on while I've been out, and she's half way through an Instructable for the flower contest. I've been taking photos of her knitting, thinking about using them for a slide show, but she's going to use them properly. I just need to show her how to upload photos the quick way.

As they say, watch this space...


You can have a look at her blanket here


hmmn.... I'm starting to think well see a switch of powers here....Kitewife will eventually catch up/ nay surpass Kiteman.

Kiteman will be nothing more than a shadow of kitewife on instructables....doomed to suffer the same fate she endured for years.....

That, or maybe she just wants in on the fame.

Haha, I think you're right, ,Keith-Kid, soon people will know of Kitewife and not even know there is a Kiteman...

Given her current standing in the votes and views, and don't think that's much of a risk...

Personal dilemma, though - do I gloat or sympathise?

Oh! I didn't enter - I can sympathise.

And spam a bit on her behalf.

Nah, she's just trying to stop me nagging her.

Haha! So we need to figure out which replies from Kitewife are yours..

Going by time, about half a dozen in the few minutes before I started this thread.

I just looked up her profile...yep there's a few comments that sound like you on there LOL...

Like the one on the camping forum about being sunburned....