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Shift, Ctrl and Alt Keys only Answered

Hello Everyone,
I need help urgently, I'm a graphic designer plus an instructor and my tools of trade are Photoshop and Illustrator. Last Monday I had a road accident and got my right hand fractured. I've resumed my job but having lot of difficulty in working and teaching. Although I'm a right handed person. I am still managing to use mouse with my left hand now problem is only mouse is not enough to work on these softwares. I was wondering if any one can design a simple strip with three buttons having functions of  "SHIFT, ALT, CTRL" and can be connected through USB and I will stick that strip on my plaster near fingers of right hand. So that I would be able to work properly.

I only need a PCB designed so that I can hire someone here in Pakistan to make this for me. Doctors are saying that this plaster would last for atleast six weeks.

Please help me.

Imran Ali



7 years ago

Thanks alot guys. I'm so dumb that I never thought of some software. Even Windows' On Screen Keyboard solved my problem :)
Again Thanks all of you.
Best regards,
Imran Ali.

If you need to press all three at once (as I do to log on at work), why not get somebody to make a simple widget out of a couple of rulers taped together, with lumps on the press all three buttons at once?

if this wasn't quite so expensive it would work exactly how you want it

but this might also be an option