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Shock Collar activated by mobile phone call/text? Answered

Hi,  I want to convert an electric shock collar to be activated by a call or text sent from my mobile phone.
It has to operate long distance, so I assume some sort of stripped-down mobile device will be needed that can receive a mobile signal. 

I have no idea how ot go about this, anybody have a solution for me?

Does a device like this already exist, here or on the market?  I tried shopping about but could find no commercial device of this nature, only 'long range' RF shock collars with a maximum range of 1000 metres. 


Not going to explain how to improve on animal cruelty ;)
If you want to try it put the collar on your neck for a day or two and shock yourself ;)

In the British comedy "The IT crowd" the manager/boss had trouble keeping his hands out of others pants so after a law suit and conviction he was required to wear shock underwear. Every time he got a little to interested his zapper went off. It was pretty funny, especially when it malfunctioned and the IT guys got called in to fix it.

WHY? A shock collar is a cruel way to discipline a dog or any animal and remotely they will not associate the punishment with the problem (I assume barking)

You need to address the reason behind the behavior and train by reward not by punishing.

figure it this way - if you punish any one all they know is when I do this I get punished, no one ever tells then It's Ok to do it but this is where and when - You can only do that by reward.

You have been straying into THAT part of the internet again haven't you!


The device will end up being a bit too big to still work on a collar. Plus you'll have to water proof the thing.