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Shock alarm clock Answered

I want to build a Alarm that will shock you when the clock hits a certain time i am new to this could someone help me out ?!



7 months ago

You only need a battery a timer and a buzzer car ignition coil on the bed sheets which contain your sleeping perspiration and thousands of dead conductive skin cells..

I used to wire things in / on my teenage bed when a wire fell to touch the bed sheet..

I was shocked and to this day remember the sparks jumping about beneath me..

My jerking escape movements disconnected the clip cords halting my electrocution and after wards I used a stable platform:)

timer attached to an electric fence attached to your bed

You mean help you to get untangled from the wires if you need to go the toilet at night? ;)

I would like it be portable with a battery therefore no wires and just wondering if people had some insight that could help me.

Ahhh, you just want a taser with a fixed timing.
Maybe the local torture store can help?