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Shoe rack Answered

Hi there guys, so i really got this kind of insecurity in me on writing an instructables about a shoe rack made of pvc pipes and glass. Tell me what you think and should i write it at all.


I think you have to go for it! Great shoerack, to big for my place though ;)


5 months ago

Some people are compelled to be organized and some are not. There are both kinds here. So is it better to just leave the shoes in a pile on the floor or place them carefully in a rack? Depends on what you can tolerate. Also on how much space and time you have. Since so many different kinds of people are here any instructable will get some readers now matter how specific a topic it is. So that means it's always worth writing it up. Unless it's in really bad taste.

Since you appear to be an organized person you might appreciate one of my less popular articles. You could maybe incorporate it into your rack by adding a basket.


By the way I don't keep my shoes in a closet. Instead they can usually be found in various places around the house where I happen to take them off last. Often by the front door. Needless to say I sometimes loose them. Also the ones I was last wearing when I stepped in the fresh cat barf are in the bathroom waiting for me to remember to wash them off. Although the easier thing is to just wear them around outside for a while.

Thank you so much for that kind of motivation, really appreciate it. Off course ill check your ibl and i really hope that youll find your lost shoes.

Sure, write it, why not?

It looks useful to me. Yes, write it up. BTW, the tabs holding up the glass look interesting.


5 months ago

Other then a terrible waste of space,

it is a very convenient aerated shoe rack for a blind individual.

Go for it :-)