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Shop Vacuum Hose Adapters Answered

The more I try and understand the nightmare that the shop vacuum hose and adapter issue has become, the more I have to believe Washington was involved in its design. There is apparently no more oversight of this industry than there was over Wall Street and the banks that led to the second great depression...
Can someone tell me where a person can find a source that makes real problem solving adapters, and tells you the true inside and outside diameters of both ends instead of contributing to the confusion of this national mystery?



4 years ago

I know the frustration, you buy a new piece and nothing will fit.

Have a look at a retail shop for vacuums and check the cheap aftermarket extras.

I got an extendable pipe that came with an adapter for everything.
Both ends slightly cone shaped so they fit almost any diameter, cut off what is not needed and enjoy.

I no longer use them as they have a new home now, but I am sure those universal adapters are still in the supply shops.


4 years ago

How about you calm down and tell us what you're trying to connect to what?

Don't forget to include the model number and dimensions... ;-)