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Shop-a-Mini Contest Answered

As Lira would say, I haz skillz.

I do not, though, have any serious photo-editing skillz.

So, it should be easy to impress me and earn a patch in my new contest; apply your skillz in Photoshop, Gimp or even Paint to join a Mini with anything else.

Caitlinsdad's hybrid of my Mini and Thunderbird 2 (below) was the inspiration for this contest, so he has already won a patch.
  • You can join the Mini with anything you like - animal, mineral, vegetable, even celebrity.
  • You must use a Classic Mini (any model), not the BMW version.
  • To win a patch, your image must impress, both with creativity and the level of skill exhibited.
  • The judge's decision is final and potentially rather arbitrary.
Ready... steady... shop!

EDIT: This contest ends June 30th, midnight GMT


this obviously doesn't count as a shop since it's real....but if you weren't told that it's real you'd think it's a shop

Dump Truck engine in a mini , this thing is just nuts

This contest ends June 30th, midnight GMT

I have tried...I wanted to put dragonfly wings on one.....and I got the one side looking good (with Gimp) but I can't get the other side.....I have no idea why though.

The cool hours of the evening, I am working, the hot hours of the day time, I am home, and don't feel like moving much......but I am still trying...

Few people are aware of Morris's contribution to manned space exploration. Due to it's compact size and weight, the Mini was perfect for moon exploration as it could be easily packed below the lunar lander for transport.



i wish i could have gotten rid of the red glow on the mini. but:
A) i forgot that it was there for a minute
B) i had set a 20 minute limit for the chop (since i was on lunch)
C) it's fun to imagine (at least in the first image) that he's parked outside of an intergalactic strip joint and that's the glow from the neon lights.

Ah, I thought it was the glow from a landing light or something...

that's another good excuse.... i just always end up with some form of substandard source. usually because i'm focusing on one aspect of the two images that i'm wanting to merge (this one was the angle of the original lunar rover in the moon image and the angle of the mini) and i end up going blind to the other "issues" (the mini in question was photographed on a red carpet with a red background....didn't really notice how much reflection there was until i started masking.


also, you can tell that this is an american astronaut since he's sitting on the wrong side of the car

ah, perhaps the driver had to step outside to relieve himself?

I have a horrible mental image - you've seen the exploding faces of Total Recall? Like that, but lower down...

I'm not very good with PhotoShop, but here's a contribution



Haha, that's perfect - #2 Son would love for that to be real!

(Patched, obviously)

Hang on; black-and-white?  Trying for two patches with one image?

The thought crossed my mind, but it isn't a photograph. It actually looks better in the topic than original size in PhotoShop.


Presenting: The Mini-Steamer!

Bleh. I couldn't find source images I liked. I'll try another one.


That's great!

(What, you want more than one patch?)

Nah, I just already had the head placed when your last comment popped up on Gmail. :D

Thanks! Still working on a third one, I'm too far into it to stop now. :P




I guess I asked for that...

 I would have thought it was your wildest dream!

There's a British phrase used to describe poor handling; it corners like a shed.

I actually laughed when I read that! :D

 I swear these young girls need to learn some manners..

She ought to get off the pot or...

...post an image.


 Err uhh...  I mean, yea, one I finish the paper!


8 years ago

 I just got Photoshop back on my computer, I am going to have a lot of fun with this.

GIMP is free and there is a Windows version for those no haz Photoshop.

 I shall add two patches to the prize pot.

The first and second to put up a complete instructable detailing the methods used to create your masterpiece, not necessarily the image to be picked to please 'is Majesty, shall receive a custom patch created by my arbitrary cartoon whimsy.  You must  comment and link here after they are published to let everyone know you have skillz( or a case of SPAM).

Good luck.

What!?! I'm still working on my hexadecimal numbering Instructable! Gah!

Update: I've created the patch, and sent the first one to Caitlinsdad.