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Shop dust collection, computational fluid dynamics HELP needed Answered

My plan is to build a shop dust collection system (probably two stage) using a house furnace blower as the "blower" for the system. They are cheap, readily available, quiet and multiple speed. The help I need is the design/ sizing of the collection bag. Thanks for your help, Carpe Ductum


Is there a reason you want to collect the dust? Aren't you just going to throw it away? Why not pipe it out doors and let it be free? Think dryer lint.

Is this a weekend project or for work:


Home shop. I enjoy building the tools almost as much as the projects, STRIKE that, nothing is more fun, then building, recumbent bicycles

The bigger the better I think. A lot of people are getting bigger bags for their systems so that they will get more air flow. Be warned, most dust collector systems that I am familiar with use something much beefier than the usual furnace squirl cage blower as the dust and such actually goes through the fan. You can take out the big stuff with a cyclonic set up but I'm not sure if you wouldn't be better off upgrading the fan portion of the blower as well.

How many cubic feet per minute of air can your blower fan move?


10 years ago

It's intended use, is in my wood shop. I have 2 of the best vacuums in the world for the house ORECK XL's Quando Omni Fliunkus Moratati

Why not look at a cyclonic system, like a Dyson vacuum cleaner?