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Shopping cart kennel Answered

We just acquired 2 large dogs.  Dog crates/kennels are expensive especially when you have to buy two.

I'd love to see if there is a way to make one.  Maybe out of a broken shopping cart?


I am trying a project at the moment using old wooden windows... I have several that are windows without glass in them and are 32 x32 ... I save and reuse all kinds of lumber, screws and nails... I hate seeing things on the side of the curb waiting for the trashman and filing up the landfield... Once I complete this I will post it here... but I love the thought of using something as sturdy as a shopping cart..

A very good dog kennel can be made from plastic 55 gal barrels. They can be found at a number of places for free or for a small fee ($5-$10). Try to find barrels that have been used for food grade products rather than industrial chemicals. Cut out the top for a door. Attach the barrel to a couple pieces of 2x6 or PVC pipe to keep the barrel from rolling. Remember to screw from the inside out to avoid possible injuries to the dog. A hinged door can be made from plywood or expanded metal. Cut several holes in the bottom to promote ventilation.

Define "large" - are they labs, St Bernards, or wolfhounds?

Well, since the dog we had first was a pomeranian, large to us is a huskie.

Well, if all they're going to do in it is sleep, an upturned cart should be fine - you could go for a hobo theme, and tie on flattened soda cans to make it weather-proof.

Hmm, and if the cans were slightly loosely attached they would server as a warning that the dog was becoming restless :-)

choosing a dog crate does require a bit of thought.
the dog should have enough space to stand up, turn around, and lay down (all comfortably....not "well.....he can do all of those things, just.....cramped like"). if it's too big then they can go in the corner and use the bathroom without being too concerned about it. and if it's too small they'll be misserable.
not sure what size huskies you have, but a shopping card might be a little tight.