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Shops popular with British teens? Answered

For reasons known only to myself, I need to know of some shops popular with British teens. What shops do you guys on that little island like to go to? I kinda need to know actual shop names, I can assume you shop for candy, clothes, gadgets, and whatnot like us on the other side of the pond.
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Ok, first of i'm NOT a teen, but i was one not too long ago so here goes- HMV for dvds and games, Supermarkets (Tesco, Morrisons, Asda) for food, Bargin Booze for, well, the name says it right? Clothes were TKMax, George (Part of Asda), Topman and Primark. Books were WHSmiths and Waterstones. And any or all of the above I'd look in charity shops if moola was a bit tight. P.S. I really, really need to know why??????????

My marmite-loving English librarian set a quiz, and this happened to be one of the questions.

Oh, and 'candy' or sweet shops are the local corner shop, Malls are shopping centres and it took me years to work out that 7 Elevens are shops that open late, here they are generically refered to as late shops and are also usually run by individuals of Asian descent.

Candy and stuff comes from all the small shops chains that we have such as spar, co-op, mace, tesoes... My clothes come from everywhere, usually more specialist/wierdo shops... Alot of people shop for clothes at Tk Maxx Gadgets are usually from the internet or possibly G:4 or the gadget shop Zavvi and hmv for dvds games etc. Supermarkets are tescoes, asda, morrisons, safeway, super-valu and the like We don't have too many big hardware stores, B&Q and Homebase being the big two Furniture is Ikea, then alot of random places like land of leather, MFI and both B&Q and homebase do furntiture... Electronics are curry's, Dixons, and there's another one near me uhhh electronics world or some such... Hope that wee list helps a bit...

Thats off the top of my head, I think I have a business studies sheet from a couple of years ago that would be great...


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ditto at everything said. xD

Well I mainly use Topman, for clothing (Girls version is called Topshop). Primark is another clothes shop, popular because it's dirt cheap. HMV is our main CD/DVD retailer, along with Zavvi, GAME and GameStation are our two leading game outlets. Waterstones is a book retailer that I often use, since we have two of them in the space of 100 yards. Starbucks is a must for teens here, and Macdonalds is considered uncool, Subway is where it's at. Gadgets, I use Currys, Currys Digital (Used to be known as Dixons). Sometimes buy clothes from Next. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any large chain "candy" shops here... That enough for you?

Thank you thank you!! May the Spaghedeity by generous with the sauce of Plenty!