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Short term Pro account for submitting instructables Answered

This is what I expected by registering. Why can`t I get a single full instructable if I share my own with everyone?
I think this is not fair. Now I`m in doubt if I should publish here my little invention just for your profit..
Users should get say a Pro account for a week or perhaps ability to get a limited number of full instructions for each thing they share.
Don`t you agree?


Are you asking to earn pro-membership for posting projects?

That already happens: if you publish a project of high enough quality to be featured on the front page, you are rewarded with a 3-month pro account.

It would not be sensible to offer pro-ness just for posting an Instructable - people would post loads of rubbish, just to earn pro-ness, and Instructables would end up like ehow.

"Now I`m in doubt if I should publish here my little invention just for your profit."

I bet you're quite happy to carry on reading other peoples' projects for free...

Are coupon codes time-sensitive?

It`s nice you reward the front-pagers. Publishing quality takes time (usually more than to earn a few bucks), and here the submitters have to consider if it is reasonable to take effort without knowing the criteria or competition. Solving problems in a fun DIY way is what I seek, much more than "publicity and profit". And yes, I`m quite happy to get inspirations here, even if they don`t work as actual instructions anyway. So yes, you do it well, and yes, you could be better. Thanks for your replies. Let us do our best.

You're getting a free publishing-service, which will make your stuff searchable across the internet. How much would it cost you to do it yourself with your own web-site, and could you turn a profit?)
If the site makes money from page-hits it's is being blogged / referred from all over the internet - you get worldwide publicity.
If you include a video that pays (YouTube do for high-hitters, I believe Metacafe do?) then you too can earn off the free service the site provides.
(see also Kiteman)