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Shortcut issues on iPod Touch Answered

I'm using new iPod Touch to browse the site (yay, Kitewife!), and I've discovered that the "shortcuts" tab doesn't work properly. 

As soon as I tap the tab, the drop-down menu appears, but before I can select an option, the page jumps directly to the page for customising that same drop-down menu.

This isn't a bug, as such, but it does reduce the functionality of the site on mobile devices, a that's a huge slice of the audience these days, on quite probably a disproportionate slice of the "first visitor" market.

(I don't know if this is an issue on non-Apple devices, maybe somebody could check and add a comment?)


Was this the mobile version of the site, or just browsing through the normal site while on the iPod?

It was on the normal site, but I have since had it on several other sites as well - it appears to be an issue with the version of Safari I have on the iPod.

Ahh, that's fair. Sadly there are no alternative browsers for the iPod.


6 years ago

It does that on my android phone as well as my friends iPod. Apple isn't the only one. I still can't get the hang of typing in an iPod, I prefer the swipe keyboard of my phone over apple's multi-touch keyboard.