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Shotgun Remake, Any Ideas. Answered

I got bored with my HAWC bow, and seeing as shotguns seem to be all the rage these days I thought I'd do a remake of my FSSG. For those of you who weren't around in 2009 the FSSG was a single barrel break action shotgun that was incredibly sturdy reliable and powerful, (picture below is the  version posted).

What I wanted to know is, is there anything that I should try to intergrate into the original design, for example I have had thoughts about a double barrel break action system.

Suggestions that I will not accept, because either they interfere with the original gun too much or because I can't be bothered.:
Double barrel (already said)
put a turret on it.
pump action
semi auto.

Others may be added


Are you still making it? How about shells?

You pull it up slide a shell in snap it shut.

That would be great, if you posted i'd make.

You bet. But as crazy as it is, it would be a big step forward for shottys.

For sure. Now that I think about it, it doesn't actually seem all that hard... hmmm...

Yeh, its not that tricky. You thinking what Im thinking?

sorry chaps, I beaten you to the punch with that one. the shell is the part right at the front.


the gun is almost a year old <.<.

it worked perfectly, but the shells were far to cumbersome for my liking, and it didn't get the sort of range that I wanted.

Oh :P lol.

Ahhh, I see why you didn't post it. A lot of my guns end up not working out great for the range part. About half of my guns are not posted because of that xD

Make some kind of way to repeat, so it has an advantage over the TR shotgun.

a 4 shot turret a red rod in length that can hold 3 white rods in each chamber (?) sound good?

not really, about the same as a 18 turret, besides I'd use alot of reds too.

You could add a mech to make the barrle pop up vie a switch or lever enough to load more rounds. it would make reloading just a hair faster.