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Should I Create a Facebook? Answered

I have been debating whether or not I should get a Facebook... I am 14, and my parents wouldn't let me get a Facebook until I started highschool, and of course I am entering highschool this year.  I am trying to weigh the positives and negatives and stuff like that.  I am just thinking that if someone needs to contact me, I can just call, email, or text them.  I can text or email multimedia, and chat by texting, and play games at zone.msn.com...  If there is any good reason that I should join Facebook, just let me know.  If there are any reasons NOT to join Facebook, also let me know.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Kudos to you Kayden... and to your parents for raising such a thoughtful, responsible young man.  The simple fact that you aren't going to open a Facebook account just because you can is evidence of that.

Peer pressure can be formidable, and the kids who are pestering you to join Facebook probably have good intentions... but we all know where that can lead.

Beside, it sounds like you already have plenty of more fun/interesting/productive activities to occupy your time.  

Even if you only wasted spent 20 minutes a day on Facebook, that time would add up to 5+ FULL DAYS per year.

I'm sure you get the picture. ;-)      

Sorry I haven't replied. I've been off of Instructables for a while. I think this adds up my thoughts. And yes I see what you are saying about the 5 days per year. I think Facebook is going downhill anyway lol. But yeah! So thanks!

You're welcome, Kayden. Thanks for "Best answer"! ;-)


3 years ago

I'm making a social networking site what should I do to make it BETTER than Facebook and other social networking site? Thanks this could answer your question in that you can join mine when it's complete.

Haha this is a really old question! I will have to sleep on ideas. I will try to get back to you at a later date. And to be honest, I find no use in my life for a social networking site right now. I hope your site goes well anyways!

This question reminds me of a comment I read somewhere regarding facebook:

"Facebook pages are like tatoos. They are completely unnecessary, and very difficult to remove".

If you are doubting whether you really need one, I would say don't set one up. I would never trust the Facebook isn't doing something sneaky in regards to privacy.

+1... even though they claim you can "deactivate" it, you really don't. It's extremely easy to post stuff of facebook you regret later, and extremely hard to remove it. Once you post something on the internet, you can never delete it.

I think you should join facebook. One reason is it allows you to login to sites, apps, etc. You need to choose your friends wisely. some prefer to bully online instead of in person... Also some may annoy posting how the are bored and other stupid information. You can skype people without a skype account. It will help you stay connected to friends easily and all this is FREE!

The problem with that is that if you know someone who friend requests you and you don't want them on your facebook, but at the same time don't want to hurt their feelings, what do you do? (Yes, you can hide their posts, but still!)

These things are bad for you.
Meet real people and actually talk to them, playing with messages and pressing buttons can end up a waste of time/your life.


I originally set up a facebook account to stop the unending spam of emails from friends to join, then I used it to play some games until that turned into another unending source of spam. Now that I have pretty much everything blocked and disabled at facebook I really only use it as a place to share vacation pictures with friends, although there must be better ways of doing that too...

My point is that I hardly use it and I have the feeling that it is already starting to reach the end of its useful life. If you havent joined yet I dont think there is much point in joining now.. But this is of course only my opinion.

Picasa web - great way to share photos with just the people you want to see them. Face book - waste of time BUT that may just be my age.


6 years ago

Whooo, you should set up a facebook account anyway. Your prospective employer will enjoy all the stories and pictures that you and your friends published. And it's ingenious that facebook is the owner of what was published ever.

I'd like to give you a good example of what could happen. I'm from Germany and there is an institution called "Schufa". The "Schufa" advises banks in granting of credits. Recently they planned to analyze facebook entries to compose profiles of bank customers ... fortunately they where mad enough to publicize their plans.
I assume others would be smarter...

If you crave a lot of superficial and meaningless conversation, and like the idea of boasting a meaningless "friends" number, then by all means, sign up!

If you think you can live without all of that, and prefer your friends in human, face-to-face form, and like the outdoors, then I'd advise you not to waste your time.

Been there, done that. I don't miss it one bit.