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Should I Jailbreak my Ipod touch? Answered

I just got my ipod touch a month ago and I was wondering if i should jailbreak it

Ipod touch 2G
MC model



Best Answer 8 years ago

in my opinion yes, you should jailbreak. if you have 3.1.2 all you need to do is download blackra1n and make it ra1n, if you have updated your ipod to 3.1.3 then you will need to use redsn0w. by jail breaking you can get almost every app in the app store for free, you can customize your dock and remove icons that you don't want. if you don't like what you have done after jail breaking you can simply restore your ipod using itunes and you will not be able to know you ever jailbroke it. my ipod touch is jailbroken and i never had any problems with it, and i don't think i will ever want to un-jailbreak it.

Is there a way though i can jailbreak mine without it being tethered? its an MC model which means something.

when greenpois0n comes out (which should be this month) use that.  its untethered and is supposed to jailbreak the ipad, all iphones, and all ipod touches.