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Should I Post? Answered

Should I post? And no, I am not a diesel freak; I was just bored. I've put on bigger tires and made the trailer longer and made 2 indy cars that both fit in the trailer. I also added seats and doors and a steering wheel. I hope you like.



you have the same bedsheets as my older brother!

There is such a thing as sharing too much ...

no there isnt! i pee twice a day and when i sleep, i fart . :D

Wow. That was a 2 year delay. Stop necro'ing.

I posted this now.

I would be absolutely thrilled to see that posted..... just so I can accidently click on a kenx post and see finally thank gebus its not another gun A+.... go for it kid

may be not! me and my kid have been making structul strength progects from match sticks to see how much stress skinny bits of wood can take threw good desighn and your concept seams weak. we launch rockets from his match stick tower and you can see it compress and take the strain then leap of the ground as the pressure is released. i love my kid and we are going to learn how to blow up this whole planet :)

Yeah man for sure, kids need things like this, and definalty things other than hundreds of design plans for (dangerous?) knex guns.

That is pretty neat, a good weekend project to keep a young child busy for a long time. Post it up!

Go for it - it makes a change from all the "guns".