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Should I Post? Answered

ok well i wanna know if i should post this true trigger pistol i made. its a semi automatic rubberband gun. its pretty decent, and can hold as many small rbs as u want, but after about 12 rbs, it gets hard to load. so should i post? and please rate EDIT: i took most of the pics, and will get the instructions up ASAP, but that might be a while cuz im getting left 4 dead today... ANOTHER EDIT: i AM going 2 post wen i finish with the detachable mag idea that me and dunkis were talking about. it might be a while, but ill get it up AGAIN, ANOTHER EDIT: i made the gun, i have all the pics except for the front of the barrel. i made it so it shoots pieces, but reloading takes a long time, so im just gonna post the rbg version, it is SLIGHTLY modified to have a longer barrel, and a slanted handle PLEASE RATE


 i didnt really look at the date and he made me a tribute so i am looking at all his stuff :)


Sorry, I took most of the pictures, but then I destroyed it. BUT I have a new RBG (but its not my own mech.) and I just made a pump-action shotgun, I just need the handle, hopper, and stock. This think was destroyed.

is it s-auto (gasp that would be cool) or fully auto like all the other ones

but some are wretched single action pieces of poop, and others are just fully auto, were they just release everything at once...

i have alot of the pics of the gun shown, but i modded it alot (like i made it from 5 connectors wide 2 six) so if i end up posting, it prolly wont be complete, but maybe missing 1 part (i think the front RB connector.

please post it it looks really good

Hmm cool I would I've been looking for a good gear operated rbg mechanism. I would see if you could give it a dark grey magazine for a knex shooting option though.

and how the poop would i give the rbg a mag? by like having a replacable grey gear?

Oh it'll be easy just look at my Stg44 for an idea on how to add a dark gray connector magazine.

i tried and, its harder than it looks for this gun, cuz i want the rod that the cog is on to snap onto a connector, not go threw the connector, but ill look at urs 4 an idea

WAIT A SECOND! r u saying that i make it shoot accual pieces? not rubberbands? cuz i MIGHT! be able to do that, but prolly cant...

Dude just look at my Stg44 instructable. You can still shoot rbs but you can also shoot pieces out of a magazine in front of the firing mech.

ok ya, i thought u meant make a mag for the rbs, like u add a pre-rb-ed gear to replace the old 1, ya ill try making it like urs...

i started working on the detachable mag, and so far progress is going along fine...

ill try to get working on that ASAP, i cant now cuz ppl are sleeping in the room next 2 were i build stuphz

go on, post it!

Ah, a 1 gear system! 2 gears would probably be more stable though. I would remake the handle, but post if you want. Oh, and if you have one use a red gear.

ya, u hook the rubberbands onto the smaller gear. i did remake the handle, well kinda, i made it on a slant and moved the trigger back one space


9 years ago