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Should I be worried about beryllium oxide poisoning? Answered

From what I know, the magnetron in a microwave has some beryllium oxide on part of it, which is highly poisonous. I'm pretty sure the magnetron I dealt with had some (it was a pinkish-purple coating on the tube).  I didn't do anything to it, but I think some of it may have gotten accidentally scraped off with the screwdriver I was using to open up the magnetron. 

BeO is a carcinogen and can cause CBD.  If some of it did indeed get scraped off (and I have no idea where it went, maybe into the air?), am I in danger of beryllium poisoning?



Best Answer 6 years ago

"Exposure to fine, airborne beryllium oxide powder or dust in sufficiently large concentrations, may cause a lung disease in a small number of hypersensitive people."


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First off, thanks for the quick response!

Secondly, I've seen those links, but I still have a lot of questions. There are a lot of qualifiers and no solid numbers there ("sufficiently large concentrations," "may cause," etc). I'm wondering if there's anything more specific about how much is a serious problem.

Personally, I wouldn't worry - it was a small amount that was released, and you probably took in only a small proportion of that, if anything.

Only worry if you get any symptoms you cannot account for, then explain your possible predicament to your doctor.

Great, thank you. I just called a poison control center to check, and they said essentially the same thing. Thanks a lot!

How are you know because this happened to me.