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Should I bother replacing a microwave fuse? Answered

Hi gang!

My microwave stopped heating my food, so a few screws later, it turns out the fuse was blown.

What would cause the fuse to blow, and should I bother replacing it, or would the new one blow again for the same reason?

Thanks for the help!


Just give it a try. Of course there might be something burnt or something might failed, but it could be just the fuse. Did the microwave sometimes didn't heated the food prior to the malfunction? if so, it has probably burnt something else. If not, the problem should be the fuse itself. However, try replacing it anyway, as you might fix it for a few cents instead of having to buy a new one. If after replacing the fuse it continues blowing, even if not immediatly, then you should look for a new microwave. In that case, you also use it to build a lot of cool things, such as a welder (if you can find another transformer) or a spot welder (that only requires one transformer), use the plate motor for a lot of thngs (I've already seen it beeing used for a fish feeder, a barbecue motor...) and the list goes on.

fuses do sometimes just fatigue and fail. You've got the fuse out. What have you got to lose trying it ? You're either out 20cents for afuse, or a hundred bucks for new microwave.