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Should I build my Knex gun Answered

I have decided not to post my gun thank you for all your NEGATIVE feedback. I have already destroyed the gun and will not be rebuilding it.


celloman, if you continue to be obnoxious and be negative to everyone on this site, you shouldn't even TRY asking them for advice or opinions, since it is all going to be negative anyways...

mabye if everybody was nice and would help everbody we wouldn't have people like you and ironman and oodalumps and flames10391 and skate6566 just to name 1/7000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

OK, you asked if we want this gun posted. we said no, how is that not being nice? we answered your question with a honest answer, and you get all mad at us for saying something you don't want us to say.

maybe if everybody was nice and would help everbody we wouldn't have people like you and ironman and oodalumps and flames10391 and skate6566 just to name 1/70000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

we are kinda nice, but we just don't want this gun posted. we want new systems and innovative guns, not simple block triggers with string tied to a pseudo-trigger!

yeah seriously you asked us as friends for our opinions and we gave them to you and then you act jerky, it just doesnt work that way lol

skate6566 isnt that bad once you get to know him.

i've got to know him alright, and i still don't like him

maybe you should explain more how it works and what makes it special.

to me it just looks like a block trigger with a fancy little string system to a true trigger

You're kidding, right? Ok, first off, not trying to be mean or rude or anything, so don't get the wrong idea, but compared to the morretti, almost every single K'nex gun on this entire website looks simple, obsolete, and, well, downright pointless.

the moretti isn't acctually that amazing, it is just another knex gun

im not comparing my stupid gun to the morretti im saying it has a string system that flames10391 supposedly hates

moretti looks awsome it has a mag and is very poweful

Yeah, because the moretti is much more complicated than your build.

thats different. kinda. this string system is way over kill. the moretti is jsut there because the trigger is two far away. and the morettis i cant really see and on this its like the center peace.

exactly...this gun could have been a true trigger without the embellishment of the string

this is the only wat i could make the trigger work for my gun

yea but the system was over kill. you dont need the wheel in the front.

also the moretti looks alot cooler. I know people on this site really prefer power and accuracy and range but a little eye candy or nice aesthetics never hurt

Oh, thanks for the neg. feedback guys, this acc looks quite good

it would be even better with a block trigger than with a string

oh god more "true " triggers that are just attached by string...sigh

no it looks like you scraped like four guns and no pistol should ever have a string trigger.


10 years ago

Interesting... the string could get difficult but to all you guys who just added insult to injury *********** ***************** off !

your just reacting that way because i insulted you. but i want to tell you something. your opinion want do anything to me because i know you're just trying to put me down, but it won't work

with what? you asked a question, he gave you an answere

he only insulted it because i insulted him telling him the truth

its........good NOT!!! anything you make is gonna b rubbish

im gunna make a gun thats gunna wow you. It was really N-Striker who wanted me to post it. He tried to make it better but i told him it sucked but he wouldnt leave me alone until i posted the forum

ok my first question: what does "ky ba112 up" mean?!!? and no one can undsand u wen u tak lik dis ok?

i will continue to tell you to shut your 2u(ky ba112 up because you obviously dont know what substituting figures for letters. If you want to read it ask one of the 3.4 grade point average kids or higher because i think yours would be about 1.0

Just a heads up, s's are usually represented by 5's in leetspeak, not 2's...


first i mantain a 3.85 grade point average. i have a IQ of 122. and it would have been helpful if you said that you were supstituting numbers because with so much subatution you can not tell anything form the thing. if you wrote something with only one number then i would be able to figure it out easely. ok look at any other block trigger and you will see that your gun is the same thing. you bad string system is just bad, its like the main focus of the gun. you could have easely made the string system with out the wheel in the front and the thing at the bottom. it is completly not needed. your gun is UGLY! my bro who is in second grade could make a better gun then this. i bet it is weak. and just so you cant say "well its not like you can do better", i have done better and i will show you better. my gun in the pic is a true trigger. it also has a hammer you pull back to cock. how my gun is better then yours, mine is stronger(mine shoots through cardboard) true trigger uses no string is is easy to pull holds six of my new ammo on the side of the gun has a good but and handle has a popout banneut(i think thats how its spelled) good grip on front looks cooler. as you can see. we want gun with cool features and something new about them. not simple block trigger with a fancy string system. you should try to make a better gun and work on it for some time insted of building guns like this(i worked like 2 months perfecting this gun(your gun may be a week tops)). also i am flaging those two comments.


all right... first of all you have never tried the gun. second of all it was N-Striker who put the wheels on not me third of all it is very sturdy fourth of all you don't show your grades fith of all POST THAT GUN.

1. i dont need to, i know enought about block triggers. there weak. my gun shoots through cardboard, your gun could never do that. 2. well ok. 3. i have douts about that statment. 4. i dident show my grades, just my gradepoint average. 5. i just did.

also every gun is a block trigger except RBGs and guns without triggers because there has to be something blocking the line of fire

there are blocktrigger and true triggers. blocktriggers are like the one you have true trigger uses hindges to block from the bottem and be pulled like a real trigger.

i know but you could still say that every gun is a block trigger. besides the_burrito_master lives for making awesome (and popular) guns that are blocktriggers but use true triggers

no you could not. and i dare you to try calling true trigger guns a block trigger you will get yelled at.